Exo Limo is Green

Saving the earth, one ride at a time.  For the eco-conscience traveler and green corporation who would like to lower their carbon footprint, EXO is proud to announce energy saving hybrid limos and hybrid car service. EXO features Flex-Fuel vehicle options, which include the Lincoln Navigator EL SUV and Town Car Sedan.  To reserve your green car service or hybrid airport transportation, please call (855) 777-0004 or book online.  For more vehicle types, click here.

EXO can now provide Green Sustainability Reports for our clients, which include: Gallons Used, Carbon Footprint and GHG Emissions.  If you would like this report generated for your account, please email us at info@exolimo.com 

EXO Green Policies:
  • EXO has mandated a no idle policy to further reduce carbon emissions.
  • All EXO facilities are working towards a paperless enviroment.
  • EXO offers clients the ability to receive their invoices, ride receipts or reports through the web or email.
  • Paper is always printed on 100% recycled material.
  • EXO has mandated in all offices to replace energy efficient light bulbs and computer equipment.
  • EXO recently invested in a water clarification system to reduce pollutions and contaminants in water.